Profil Perusahaan


Register Name: PT. TECHCOMP INDOTECH    
Physical Address: Tamini Interchange Jl. Raya Pondok Gede No. 5 Kp. Dukuh Kramatjati Jakarta Timur 13550
Email Address:  
Country: Indonesia    
Telephone: 62-21-80883669; 62-21-80878458; 62-21-80878459  
Fax: 62-21-80882751    
Year Established: 2008    
Parent Company: TECHCOMP LIMITED    
Address: 6/F., Mita Ctr., 552-566 Castle Peak Rd., Kwai Chung, Kln., Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2751 9448    
Fax: 852-27519477    
Company Description: Distributor of Analytical instrument, Life Science Equipment and General Equipment Laboratory
Area of Distribution: Republic of Indonesia    
Ownership: Private    
Imports: Yes    
Employees: 15    
Square Footage: 700 m2    
Sole Agent:             Table:    
1. Hitachi High-Tech   JAPAN
  UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer  
  ▪ Fluorescence Spectrophotometer  
  ▪ High Pressure Liquid Chromatography  
  ▪ Ion Chromatography    
  ▪ Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer  
  ▪ Amino Acid Analyzer    
  2. Hitachi Koki   JAPAN
  ▪ Preparative Ultracentrifuges    
  ▪ Micro Ultracentrifuges    
  ▪ Large-scale Continuous Flow Ultracentrifuges  
  ▪ High-speed Refrigerated Centrifuges  
  ▪ CF-RX Series Compact Centrifuges              
  ▪ Large-capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge  
  ▪ Large-capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge  
  ▪ Table-top Centrifuge    
  ▪ Blood Cell Washing Centrifuge   
  3. Teledyne Leeman Labs   USA
  ▪ Inductive Coupled Plasma    
  ▪ Mercury Analyzer    
4. Teledyne Tekmar   USA
▪ TOC Analyzer    
▪ Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator  
▪ Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator  
▪ Automatic Titrator    
▪ Mercury Analyzer    
6. Dynamica   AUSTRALIA
▪ Variable Slit Width UV-Vis Spectrophotometer  
▪ UV-Vis Spectrophotometer    
▪ Visible Spectrophotometer    
▪ Biosafety Level 3 (P3) Laboratorium  
7. Techcomp   HONGKONG
▪ Gas Chromatograph    
▪ Ion Chromatograph    
▪ Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer  
▪ Bench-top High-speed Refrigerated Centrifuge  
8. Nuaire   USA
▪ Bio-safety Cabinet    
▪ Autoflow Incubator    
▪ Ultralow Frezer    
9. Corona   USA
▪ Microplate Reader    
10. Virtis    USA
▪ Freeze Dryer    
▪ Centrifuge Evaporator    
Service & Support Facility:   4 cars, sophisticated test electronics, Measuring equipment (PC, oscilloscopes, DPM etc)
Number of Service engineer:  5 Service Engineers    
Office facility:            Demo/laboratory room, meeting Room, parking area, Personal Computers (LAN), printer,
High-speed Internet, photocopy machine, fax, Key-telephone, sport room
History: 1988, Establish as a sole agent in PRC region. Techcomp Limited operations today fall into two businees segment: manufacturing and distribution.
, HITACHI’s exclussive distributor in the PRC.
, Appointed as HITACHI exclusive distributor for Asia (excluding Japan, Korea and Taiwan), Middle East and Australia.
2008, PT. Techcomp Indotech has been start operated as representatif office of Techcomp Limited in Indonesia. 
Contact Persons: Contact Name Contact Title Contact Email
Mr. Fajar R. Budiman Director
  Mr. Asep Sofyan Director
  Mr. Yudhi R. Chandra Sales of Analytical Instrument

  Ms. Latri Rahma Sales of Lifescience Equipment
  Mr. Lisko Wari Anthony Technical Service Manager

3 Tanggapan to “Profil Perusahaan”

  1. MULIADI Says:

    apakah anda menjual hitachi koki miter saw/compound saw,. type c10fb/c10fcb/c15fb,. thx

  2. Lorie Says:

    Seems like you understand a lot about this topic and it all demonstrates thru this excellent blog post, given the name “Profil Perusahaan ”.
    I am grateful -Danilo

  3. katamso Says:

    Apakah punya plasma freezer utk pmi?boleh minta kontak person??bisa dibuatkan pnwrn? Cv, dheasafira utama, email :, hp. 081548828323

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