Profile Plus ICP – a high performance PMT based ICP Spectrometers

The Power and Versatility to handle the most demanding applications
The Profile Plus ICP, with its unique on-peak integration, provides fast, accurate results at a remarkably affordable price.

Looking for a low-cost, high performance alternative to Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy?
Profile Plus ICP is an analytical system so refined that it makes ICP analysis simple and very fast. A system that simplifies your application while solving your analytical problems, rather than becoming one. A system that is a laboratory workhorse, not a research project.

Features of the Profile Plus ICP spectrometer

  • Full wavelength coverage (170 – 780 nm)
  • Available in Axial, Radial and Dual View Configurations
  • On-peak integration for superior accuracy and precision
  • All operating parameters are computer controlled including sample handling with built-in Peristaltic pump
  • On-line help and built-in maintenance scheduler
  • The Profile Plus is self-contained and fits comfortably on a standard lab bench

A Versatile Design at an affordable price
The Profile Plus ICP is available in Axial, Radial or Dual View configurations. Axial view improves detection limits by 5 – 10x fold. Radial view handles tougher matrices and Dual View allows line-by-line selection of viewing configurations. Let one of our analytical chemists help you identify which configuration is right for your application.

Easy-to-Use Software
Profile’s WinICP software is designed to fully control the analytical process – from method development to final report generation – providing the right amount of flexibility, without unnecessary complexity. In the routine analytical or research environment, WinICP has the features along with the ease-of-use necessary to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Novice users will be quickly brought up to speed using the audio/visual help environment.

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