With the Prodigy-Mobile Lab you can:

  • Perform real time ICP metals analysis on-site or at sea
  • Benefit from rapid results to guide site characterization and/or remediation efforts
  • Perform rapid metals analysis at the research site or pollution source
  • Bring rapid metals analysis directly to spill sites
The economics of site characterization and remediation testing are quite different from those of traditional laboratory analysis. Remediation productivity can be significantly enhanced by moving the laboratory to the samples. Teledyne Leeman Labs has developed a new ICP engineered to withstand the rigors of in-field operation, while also providing laboratory quality data. Identical in design and capability to our powerful Prodigy High Dispersion ICP, the Prodigy-Mobile Lab is built to travel to where you need real time analysis; over land or over sea.

Download Prodigy- Mobile Lab Brochure


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