Prodigy ICP-OES

Prodigy High Dispersion ICP with State-of-the-Art Array Detection

Designed to Exceed Your Expectations and Deliver Unprecedented

Prodigy brings together the latest in solid-state detector technology and Leeman Labs advanced high dispersion Echelle spectrometer to provide the most power ICP available today. Not only does Prodigy provide superb resolution, stability and detection limits for reliable concentration measurements, it also provides a wide variety of optional features (e.g. chromatography interfaces, laser ablation interfaces, etc.) that are guaranteed to enhance the capabilities of your inorganic analysis lab.For routine operation, Prodigy provides easy navigation between applications, network readiness, access security and regulatory compliance (e.g. 21 CFR). Prodigy’s unparalleled long-term stability (typically <2% per day) ensure successful QC checks and superior laboratory productivity. Prodigy’s powerful array detection system allows the user to capture the entire high resolution spectrum or alternately only the spectral regions of interest, the choice is yours. When the full spectrum is acquired, Prodigy’s Spectroscopy Toolbox allows the user to perform spectral additions, spectral subtractions and detailed qualitative analysis. These tools are extremely powerful in forensic and/or product quality applications. To ensure compatibility with your analytical requirements, Prodigy is available in Axial View, Radial View and Dual View configurations.

Not all array detector – based ICP are created equal!
With Prodigy’s Large Format Programmable Array Detector (L-PAD) and long focal length optical system, getting high quality spectral information from an ICP just got a whole lot easier. Prodigy’s long focal length Echelle optical system provides high resolution for interference free measurements while the large active area of the L-PAD provides full wavelength coverage and high resolution in a singe measurement. L-PAD also provides simultaneous measurement of peak and background intensities for all wavelengths yielding superior measurement precisions and internal standard corrections when they are used.

Prodigy is ideal for labs that need analytical performance and versatility
For more advanced applications, Prodigy with its L-PAD detection system opens up a host of new capabilities for today’s users. Some of these capabilities include:

  • Access to wavelengths not formerly available to the ICP analyst
  • Time resolved data collection for chromatographic applications
  • Laser ablation instrumentation for direct solid sampling
  • Automated Nitrogen Analysis
  • IQ, OQ, PQ and 21 CFR Part 11
  • Elemental fingerprinting for forensic and product quality applications
  • High precision elemental ratio measurements for earth science applications
  • Glovebox and fume hood interfaces available
  • Analysis of halogens
  • Transportable ICP
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