Practicality and Performance
In today’s economy, we are challenged to do more with less. In the laboratory, this translates to processing more samples with fewer people, while spending less money on instrumentation, consumables and supplies. Often, when you compare analytical instruments, you find you must choose between performance and price; seldom will you find one that offers both. On the other hand, by focusing on your analytical needs, you may discover a product that meets your requirements at an attractive price; we’ve designed the Prism ICP to be just that instrument.

Speed & Sample Throughput
Get accurate results fast with Prism’s simultaneous data acquisition and comprehensive wavelength coverage

Better Results
With Prism you will measure lower concentrations more accurately, choose the best analytical wavelength, dilute samples less often and pass QC requirements easily … we guarantee it! Moreover, the Prism ICP offers excellent resolution (0.008 nm @ 200 nm), so spectral interferences are minimized

With Prism spend less time training new operators and tweaking instrument parameters. Just load the standards, QCs, and samples into the autosampler and let Prism do the rest. Get a helping hand with scheduled maintenance from Prism’s on-screen prompts and audio/visual support

For each wavelength use the plasma orientation (Radial, Axial or Dual View) best suited to your analytical requirements. Measure trace and major sample constituents at the same time with C-PAD’s wide dynamic range (107, typically low ppb to percent)

Dependable Operation
Run day in and day out without costly downtime. All Teledyne Leeman Labs’ products come with our standard 95% up time guarantee

Responsive Support
Look to Leeman’s experts in atomic spectroscopy to help you get the answers you need … when you need them

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