Micro Ultracentrifuges

World’s highest speed & greatest RCF
Unusually compact and quiet model




Even-quieter operation

  • Very-low noise design realizes dramatically quieter operation
    Operation noise is 46dB (model: CS120GXII), 47dB (CS150GXII)
  • Disturbing rotor and fan noise is blocked out.

A compact body with multiple functions

  • Compact floor standing type
  • Additional functions to select vacuum status condition Enables you to set up vacuum conditions via a usercustomized display for faster operation.
  • Newly added rotor catalog function
    Conveniently shows rotor specifications at a glance

The world’s greatest RCF: 1,050,000 x g

With the high-efficiency vacuum driving unit, acceleration to the maximum rotation speed of 150,000 rpm can be attained in about 100 seconds.

  • No air friction loss operated in a vacuum
  • Separation time improved 30% over previous models
  • Drive unit warranted for 5 years

Non-contact imbalance protection

  • Samples need only be balanced to within 5 mm by eye.
  • When an abnormality occurs in the rotor due to substantial imbalance, rotation is stopped automatically using an advanced non-contact imbalance sensor.

Safer, self-locking rotor

  • Simply put the rotor on its spindle and it is locked automatically with centrifugal force.
  • Dual CPU over-speed prevention mechanism






Maximum speed (rpm)



Maximum RCF (x g)

(S140AT Rotor)

(S140AT Rotor)

Speed control accuracy (rpm)

±50 (5,000 to max. speed)

Maximum tube capacity (ml x tube)

13.5 x 8 (S58 rotor)

Swing rotor maximum capacity (ml x tube) 5 x 4 (S52ST rotor)

1 min. to 99 hrs. and 59 min with HOLD and RTC function (real-time control)

Vacuum system

Oil rotary vacuum pump and oil diffusion pump
Pressure range under 0.6Pa

Rotor temp. control range (ºC)

0 – 40

Rotor cooling method

Thermo-module cooling system (HCF free)

Screen display

Adjustable LCD display

Rotor setting method

Quick setting (no special tools required)

Operational noise (dBA*)


Heat dissipation into room (kW) 0.6
Drive unit warranty

5 years

Dimensions (mm)

440 (W) x 490 (D)x 850 (H/panel closed) /
1,000 (H/panel open), height to table 780

Floor area (m2) 0.53 (750x700mm)
Weight (kg)


Power requirements

AC220, 230, 240V+/-10%, 6A (50/60Hz) single phase


IEC61010-2-020, EN61326

*Measured 1 meter from front

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