Teledyne Leeman Labs offers both the Technical expertise and products needed for the most demanding mercury analysis challenges.When the concentrations of mercury need to be accurately measured, laboratories all over the world turn to Teledyne Leeman Labs for high performance solutions to their Hg analysis challenges.    

Introducing the Hydra Series
The Hydra Series is a family of fully automated instruments that address both solid and liquid sample types. The Hydra Series consists of the Hydra AA, Hydra AF, and Hydra-C direct combustion analyzer.

Hydra AA
A fully automated stand-alone system based on cold vapor atomic absorption. It is compliant with EPA Methods 245.1, 245.5, 245.6, 7470 and 7471B, and with European Standards EN-1483 and EN-13806. Hydra AA handles the widest sample range including water, soil, sludge, blood, tissue and difficult foaming samples.
Hydra AF 
Fully automated cold vapor atomic fluorescence analyzer designed to fit your analytical requirements. Hydra AF analyzers are capable of detection limits of less than 0.05 ppt with a dynamic range that extends to nearly 100 ppb. Compliant with EPA Method 245.7 and with European Standard EN-13506.
Hydra AF Gold Series
The Hydra AF Gold Plus uses a dual detector approach for routine work in the sub ppt to high ppb range and has been designed for compliance with EPA methods 1631 and 245.7 and with European Standards EN-13506 and EN-12338. The Hydra AF Gold Plus provides a prescreen mode to protect the high sensitivity gold amalgamators from contamination.
Hydra-C Hydra-C
Tired of time-consuming sample digestion? Find out about Teledyne Leeman Labs new mercury analyzer based on the total combustion process specified by Method 7473. Hydra-C is designed for both solid and liquid samples.
Hydra C - Appendix K Hydra C – Appendix K
The new Hydra-C Appendix K system has been designed to be compliant with CFR40, Part 75, Appendix K (Sorbent trap analysis method).

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