In the modern laboratory, ICP instruments are the analytical workhorses. Depending on the nature of the laboratory (e.g. environmental, pharmaceutical, wear metals, nuclear research, etc), ICPs may be called upon to solve a host of complex analytical challenges. These challenges can range from processing hundreds of samples every day (such as in a high throughput wear metals analysis lab) to solving complex forensic, quality control or R&D applications.Not all Applications are Created Equal
The range of applications that Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometers are used to address lead most analysts to the conclusion that no single ICP is ideal for all industries. With this in mind, Teledyne Leeman Labs offers a wide selection of ICP products (some sequential, some simultaneous, some array-detector based and some PMT based) to address the needs of inorganic analysis labs around the globe.The one trait critical to the analytical performance of any ICP, regardless of application, is spectral resolution. Without high spectral resolution, you cannot make interference free measurements. For this reason, all Teledyne Leeman Labs ICPs offer industry leading resolution and produce industry leading analytical performance.

An Invitation
With your application requirements in mind, we invite you to look at the ICP solutions that Teledyne Leeman Labs has to offer.

Prodigy High Dispersion ICP
Our most powerful and versatile array detector ICP spectrometer.
NEW Prism High Dispersion ICP
A high performance array detector ICP Spectrometer without a high price.
Profile Plus ICP
A high performance PMT based ICP spectrometer available in sequential, simultaneous and sim/seq configurations.
High Throughput ICP
A High Sample Throughput series of ICP-OES instruments. HT versions are capable of analyzing in excess of 2 samples per minute. Ideal for High Throughput labs such as wear metal and agricultural material labs.
Glovebox and Containment Hood ICP-OES
Teledyne Leeman Labs offers a variety of containment options for our Prodigy and Profile ICP products.
Transportable ICP
The Prodigy-Mobile Lab is built to travel to where you need real time analysis; over land or over sea.
Biofuel Analyzer FuelPro
FuelPro is a complete analytical system which allows the quick and efficient?measurement of fuels for the elements outline in ASTM D6751 and EN 14214.
Oil Analyzers
Dedicated Oil Analyzers for wear metals and edible oils applications.

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