Method 1631 and 245.7 on One Instrument meeting all U.S. EPA QC RequirementsThe Hydra AF Gold Plus is designed to automate all aspects of the fluorescence-based measurement for U.S. EPA Methods 1631 and 245.7. This system combines the analytical capabilities of an advanced cold vapor atomic fluorescence analyzer with the ability to selectively pre-concentrate Hg using gold amalgamation to enhance detection limits. This instrument provides an unparalleled working range (from less than 0.05 ppt to 250 ppb), together with the ability to prescreen for high concentration samples.

Features of the Hydra AF Gold Plus:

  • Meets all hardware and QC requirements of U.S. EPA Method 245.7 and 1631 and compatible with European Standard EN-13506 and EN-12338.
  • Exceptional Sensitivity for low-level water quality criteria (<0.05 ppt)
  • Exceptional Dynamic Range (extends to nearly 250 ppb)
  • Ultra trace analysis mode with dual gold amalgamation traps for improved performance at sub-part-per-trillion levels
  • Proprietary Leeman Labs gas/liquid separator provides exceptional recoveries even for samples that foam during the reduction step
  • Proprietary fluorescence optical cell provides exceptional sensitivity
  • High Concentration Protection System
  • High sample throughput for improved productivity and low cost of analysis
  • Maintenance-free Counter-flow Nafion™ membrane dryer minimizes water vapor-based scatter in the fluorescence cell – giving exceptional detection limits
  • Automatic Baseline Correction for Drift-free Analysis
  • Easy Access for Maintenance and Cleaning
  • WinHg software provides ease-of-use and compatibility with other MS Windows applications including Word, Excel, and Access; permits custom report generation and customization, as well as connectivity to most LIMS systems.
    • Multi-tasking Capabilities
    • Powerful Diagnostic Tools
    • Calibration Versatility including calibration factor algorithm required by the U.S. EPA
    • Built-in Quality Control
    • On-line audio/visual help guides users through routine operation and maintenance
  • All Hydra instruments include installation, on-site training and a full 1-year warranty

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