HITACHI Centrifuges

himac CP-WX Series

These general-purpose centrifuges have the highest performance in their class* — 100,000 rpm (CP100WX) — making them ideal for the wide range of separation tasks used in cell biology, biochemistry and nano-material fields. For reliability and efficiency to match their speed and quiet operation, they incorporate automatic rotor-life management, a large color LCD display and positive-feedback (click-type) touch pad entry. Other standard features include RCF (x g) computation and display functions and real-time control (RTC) for direct entry of start/stop times and other parameters. A long options list permits connection with a PC (for simulations and logging of rotor and centrifuge operation histories), printer connection, user security functions and more.
*As of September 2007

himac CS-GXII Series

This unusually compact floor-standing model carries the world’s greatest performance with very quiet operating sound. It enables you to reduce separation times and improve laboratory efficiency. In addition to the exceeding performance by our state-of-art technology, it is designed for user friendly and easy operation based on human engineering ergonomics.

himac CS-GXL Series

Reduce separation times and improve laboratory efficiency with the world’s most powerful micro ultracentrifuge. In addition to having the world’s highest speed (CS150GXL), and high performance, both of these models are unusually compact and quiet, to fit unobtrusively into the laboratory environment. They have a 20% smaller footprint than any previous Hitachi unit, and maximum noise output has been held to a very quiet 47 dB(A).

himac CR-GII Series

High efficiency, too. From the high-torque brushless motor and powerful refrigeration to automatic rotor identification and other time-saving automated functions, these relatively compact units deliver. Optional high-capacity lightweight rotors are easier to transport and load, and they reduce acceleration and deceleration times beyond those achieved by the powerful motor alone.

himac CR7

The brushless motor emits no dust, making this unit ideal for use in clean hospital environments and for blood component separation in blood centers. Powerful refrigeration and fine control maintain constant sample temperatures.

himac CF16RXII

• From micro-tube rotors to multi-place swing rotors for laboratory use.
• Provides functions of both CF5RX and CF15RXII.

himac CF15RXII

Powerful acceleration!
• Accelerates in less than 8 sec. from 0 to 15,000 rpm.
• Can use tubes 0.2 ml to 80 ml with 14 types of rotors.

himac CF9RX/CF12RX

Best for processing varied samples!
• Multi-place rotor (T3S51/T3S52) of 15 ml x 80 can be used.
• Accepts up to 50 g imbalance when combined with automatic balancing rotor.
• Newly developed 2-axis coaxial drive motor enables stabilized centrifugation of low-speed big rotors and high-speed rotors (patent pending).

himac CF5RX

Reliable control at low-speed rotation!
• Controllable in 10 rpm increments from 300 rpm through 5,000 rpm.
• Best for centrifuging cells, etc. with a middle-capacity swing rotor (T4SS31/T5SS31).
• Swing rotor (T5S32) for microplate also usable.

himac CF7D2

Soft contours outside and an all-new design for wide versatility inside. Ideally suited for routine work such as clinical testing.

himac CT15E/CT15RE

Cmfortable safety and compact design. Quiet and biosafety operation.

Exceptionally low noise
Safe and compact
Easy to use
Autoclavable rotors

himac CT6E/CT6EL

Form never seen before
Selective color variation
Sporty and speedy acceleration
Global-standard safety
Environment adaptable product standardized by Hitachi

himac CT4D

Maximum portability and low price. The best choice for every day’s routine work of clinical test.

• Ease of operation
• Compact and lightweight (9 kg)
• Microprocessor control with digital display
• Accepts sample balance by eye
• Air-cooling system

himac MC450

Automatic centrifuges for Coomb’s test and blood cell washing. Automatic microcomputer control substantially shortens blood cell washing time—as many as 24 samples in three minutes (washing three times). Sized for convenient counter-top placement.

himac CC40/CC40S

Created expressly to purify large-volume samples such as vaccines. Depending on the optional cores and sample feed systems selected, the CC40 can be used to prepare density gradients of viruses and liposomes (with or without a preclarifier core), batch centrifugation of HBsAg, etc., and even rough separation of large-volume samples for pelleting.

Air Compressor


Featuring extremely low-noise operation and cooling to near-ambient temperature to reduce moisture in the exhaust air.

AAS HITACHI, seri Z-2000 Zeeman terpolarisasi

Kemudahan dalam pengoperasian, Analisa yang lebih andal dan Sensitivitas yang lebih baik.

Ini merupakan konsep dari seri-Z AAS Zeeman terpolarisasi. Ada 3 model yang bisa dipilih sesuai dengan kebutuhan.



  • Kualitas terbaik—Sensitivitas yang unggul menggunakan metoda Zeeman dan Detektor ganda.
  • Padat dan Rapi—Ruang instal menjadi berkurang (Z-2300/2700)
  • Desain OK—desain ramping dengan autosampler Grafit langsung terpasang

HITACHI HPLC Lachrom Elite seri L-2000

Robust HPLC

  • Penampilan yang ringkas dengan sistem opsi terpasang

    Unit gradien, unit pendingin sampel, Degasser(R), dan opsi umum lainnya dapat berada terbenam kedalam modul. Penambahan opsi dapat dengan mudah dilakukan tanpa menambah ruang instal. 

  • Kemudahan dalam pemakaian dan pemeliharaan dengan sistem “akses depan”
    Semua modul dapat di operasikan dari depan instrumen. Pipa-pipa dikumpulkan di depan, kolom dapat dengan mudah diganti, dan penanganan aliran kanal dapat dilakukan dengan sangat lancar. Untuk memudahkan pekerjaan pemeliharaan, HPLC Hitachi di desain untuk bisa diakses dari panel depan pada saat penggantian/pemeliharaan lampu dan flow cell. 
  • Semua modul di lengkapi dengan sensor kebocoran.
    Pada saat larutan bocor dari sistem alir kanal, sensor kebocoran yang ditanam pada tiap modul mendeteksi kebocoran dan menghentikan kerja sistem, menghasilkan stabilitas dan reliabilitas. 
  • Kontrol penuh dari sistem pengatur
    Modul “Pengatur Sistem” mengontrol semua modul ke dalam 1 modul, setiap modul tidak membutuhkan panel sebagai key-pad, dsb. Namun demikian, pada saat modul digunakan secara terpisah, ‘UI pad’ dapat ditambahkan sebagai key-pad. 
  • Komunikasi via e-Line dan USB
    Komunikasi e-Line telah meninggalkan cara-cara koneksi konvensional, koneksi ini menggunakan sinyal digital untuk meningkatkan komunikasi yang andal. Satu sentuhan koneksi modul ke modul dapat mengintegrasikan semuanya. Koneksi USB diadopsi untuk koneksi ke PC, keneksi USB dapat dilakukan ke semua PC yang digunakan saat ini. (Japanese Patent No.1876463)  
  • Fungsi GLP
    • Detektor dilengkapi dengan tambahan lampu Hg. Pada spektrum 254 nm dapat melakukan kalibrasi panajng gelombang pada rentang ultraviolet.
      (Terpasang pada  L-2400 UV/L-2420 UV-VIS,L-2455 DAD,L-2485 FL)
    • Setiap modul di lengkapi dengan banyak informasi jaminan mutu untuk meningkatkan reliabilitas data. Dengan kontrol yang dipusatkan pada 1 sistem data kromatografi, validasi otomatis dapat dilakukan.
      (Automatic validation software for EZChrom EliteTM is optional.)
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